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Conceptualize and design an experience for users of Academia to promote services they provide to the academic community and engage with potential clients

Academia Services




4 Weeks

Lead Product Designer

User Flow, High Fidelity Designs, Interactive Prototype



Objective wanted to develop a new product that allows users on our platform to advertise services that they offer to the community at the top of your proile, promote them on their profile pages and network with potential clients. We based this feature heavily on the Services feature offered on Linkedin with our own adaptations to cater to the needs of academics.

Adding Services to your profile as an user allows you to become more searchable if someone on the community searches for a service you have on your profile, and also allows you to communicate to members that you offer these services.

Part of our mission at is to "advance the world's research" doing this means also advancing the careers of the academic doing the research, helping them to continue to do important work.

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Key Goals

  • Design a way for users to add services to their profile through an interactive flow.

  • Allow for the creation of a newsfeed post to market services.

  • Create an experience for a potential customer to learn more about services and reach out for a quote.

  • Leverage the brand new Academia design system to maintain look/feel and brand consistency.

Service Provider Experience
Service Consumer Experience
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