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A central part of the upcoming Culture Amp strategy is around providing greater insights and nudging users to take meaningful action based on them. What could we imagine the insights we can provide to a manager on an individual direct report that can be surfaced within the Employee Profile full-page experience. How can we create an Employee Profile experience that paints a holistic picture of an employee's time at a company while simultaneously providing their manager with tools to lead them better?


A central part of the upcoming Culture Strategy is around providing greater insights and nudging users to take meaningful action based on them. Our Vice President of Product & Design came to me and asked me to spend one week envisioning what the full-page experience of the Employee Profile could look like within the next several years as it's a key aspect of the organizations new "painted picture" or vision for the future of the platform. We want to focus on a newly defined persona: a Leader of Size and Scale also known as a manager of managers and formulate a point of view around how we can help these individuals assist their direct reports to become stronger managers.



  • How can we personalize insights down to help provide vital information to a leader that helps make their employees perform better, feel happier, & develop faster?

  • How does data drive the individuals performance and how does it compare to others at their level?

  • How can we leverage third party integrations to create a richer data experience for our users and a smart insight generating engine?

  • How can we make the full-page Employee Profile become a powerful tool for leaders of size and scale?

  • How can we adapt people’s current mental models of the look, feel, and purpose of the Employee Profile.


Our target user is Lester: A Leader of Size and Scale (manager of managers)

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Create a profile page that helps to form a holistic picture of who an employee is.



Surface insights that help leaders manage their direct reports better.



Provide a place where the most relevant pieces of information are elevated.



Prompt key actions based on important insights.


To get things started I spoke with a handful of "Leaders of Size and Scale" from among our customer base to get a sense for the types of things they would find to be the most impactful.


"I think as a leader, you want things here that are gonna prompt you to ask questions. Seeing people that have received feedback and seeing that Ryan has an inactive goal gives me the prompt to ask a question. This is great."

Jasmine, VP of Engineering [6 direct reports]

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Leadership Activation is critical to achieving our company's strategic goals. Our preliminary research indicates that Leaders of Scale (LoS) encounter specific challenges in aligning their strategic objectives with available tools and data insights, leading to potential engagement issues.


By leveraging the Employee Profile, we propose a solution that delivers personalized, actionable insights, directly addressing the needs and priorities of LoS, thereby enhancing their ability to manage and lead more effectively.


We will explore achieving this through delivering a dashboard that combines a holistic view of a direct report and rich, actionable insights that will help a manager of managers better grasp what's happening in their sector of an organization. 

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Based on the prompt from leadership, my team's point of view, our roadmap for the future and the insights that were gained from speaking with users I formed a direction for the work. The full-page profile experience is a three-column layout with each column serving a distinct and important purpose.

Left column

About the individual

The section of the page dedicated to content about the profile owner. Who are they? What are they working on? How does their role fit in to the larger organization? How is their wellbeing?

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  • The introduction of clear and simple breadcrumbs allows easy navigation between pages within Culture Amp.

  • A section dedicated to rolls and competencies helps to gain a better understanding of the requirements of this person's position.

  • A pulse check section gives the user a better understanding of the current mindset and morale of the user.

  • a 1-on-1s Topics section allows for at-a-glance grasping of any burning topics, goals or blockers and allows for the fast addition of new topics.


A video walkthrough of this exploratory work.

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