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Lamb Weston Food Show Application

Design a web application experience for tablets that Lamb Weston customers can interact with at industry trade show booths.




12 month engagement 

4 separate 12 Week projects

UX/UI Design Lead

User flows, mid fidelity wireframes, wireframe annotations, high fidelity designs


Sketch, Figma, Abstract


As part of our year long engagement with Lamb Weston we were tasked with doing several projects ranging from the re-design and development of their website, a web application for use at industry trade show booths, a customer loyalty website experience and now a standalone customer loyalty application. During the early months of our engagement with Lamb Weston I was extremely deep in to design systems thinking creating a component library and design system for use across Lamb Weston's digital properties. This design system and component library provided us with the structure and backbone for use on all of our future engagements with Lamb Weston.

French Fries

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. is an American food processing company that is one of the world's largest producers and processors of frozen french fries and other frozen potato products. Lamb Weston needed an application designed to provide business customers with a quick way to discover new products, access resources, learn about recipes, take quizzes and connect with a sales rep while visiting the Lamb Weston booth at industry trade shows.

  • Browse recipes relevant to your business, the product catalogue and resources.

  • Request samples with the push of button and receive notifications

  • Provide users with personalized recommendations on menu optimizations, demography/geography incentives, and alerts on new product introductions

  • Take a quiz to discover insights about your business

  • Connect with a Lamb Weston sales representative for your area.

Key Goals


My team set out to design a tool that was easy and fun to use, delivered the business requirements and met the needs of the user operating in the busy restaurant and hospitality world. We wanted to lean on the Lamb Weston component library we had already created to make sure the experience felt like a cohesive part of the digital ecosystem. We worked hand-in-hand with the business stakeholders, their third party rewards points API team and their contracted team of overseas front and back end developers to ensure a smooth transition between design and development sprints.

As part of our UX explorations we imagined the journey through the product from the point of view of the sales person administrating the application as well as the user engaging with it. We took in to consideration the environment of a busy industry trade show, time constraints, and the goals of the business. The creation of use journeys through the completion of various tasks within the application helped us hone in on productive pathways and potential points of friction.

Our full wireframe process included the wireframing of all of the screens within the app to ensure the journey was smooth and friction-free for the user and that all steps of the process were incorporated in to a cohesive journey through the product. 

We coupled the wireframes with annotations of key points within screens and important interactions.


At this point the team shifted to transforming the wireframes to fully fleshed-out visual designs using the brand's guidelines and existing component library as a reference point and toolkit to lean on.

01 Recipes a.png
01 Recipes c.png
03 Products b.png
00 Home Page.png
01 Quiz q3.png
01 Quiz q1 b.png
01 Quiz q5 b.png
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